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Case Studies

Read all about how our learners who attended the Eric Wright Learning Foundation have progressed with great careers in construction since completing their vocational training together with our existing learners who are currently undertaking a 32 week work experience programme with the Eric Wright Group.

Jack Hampson_Apprentice Joiner.jpg

Jack Hampson attended the Eric Wright Learning Foundation Joinery course at the age of 14.

At the end of the course, Jack won the Carpentry and Joiner of the Year Award at the EWLF Awards and an interview for an apprenticeship with Eric Wright Construction.

Following a successful interview, Jack was offered a joinery apprenticeship at Eric Wright Group.

“The vocational course at EWLF not only gave me a sense of direction, but helped me discover my own abilities and improve them through hands-on learning. I feel the qualifications and now my apprenticeship at Eric Wright Group have stood me in good stead to further my career.”

“My job has changed my life, I genuinely wake up excited about my day ahead at work. I feel supported throughout my learning and career progression. I am still developing and honing my interest in the subjects I am studying, whilst applying them to real working experiences.”


Zakir Fayazi is currently attending the Eric Wright Learning Foundation and has been given the opportunity to carry out a 32 week work placement with Eric Wright Civil Engineering.

My first week at Cross Borough Link Road has been absolutely brilliant, and the staff on the site was very friendly and helpful. I have learnt a lot about Civil Engineering, H&S at work, roles and responsibilities of a civil(site) engineer and a project manager.

I have been able to get involved with the design and surveying activities going on the site. Shadowing the engineer I have learnt how to use the total station and GPS to survey the site and transfer the data into cad. Then I carried out tasks like surveying the road gullies, footpaths and comparing them to existing plan, checking to see if there was any error or if anything gone wrong with the project.

In summary my first week was a week full of knowledge and i'm looking forward to the weeks to come! 

Zac Wilkinson 3.jpg

Zac gained his teaching qualification after he completed his PCGE at Preston’s College and now teaches aspiring bricklayers at the Eric Wright Learning Foundation.

Zac joined his father’s building business as a bricklaying apprentice after leaving school, going on to complete his Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications at the Eric Wright Learning Foundation and Graduating as student of the year in 2007.

A decade on and Zac has built up a wealth of industry experience and is now co-director of the building firm whilst also teaching at the Eric Wright Learning Foundation.

Zac said: “I was nervous about the course as I wasn’t the most academic but I had every confidence in my technical knowledge and experience. My tutor provided full support throughout my studies, giving me confidence in myself and my ability. Good teachers make a lasting impact on the lives of their learners, which is why I came back to teach at the Eric Wright Learning Foundation, as I had a fantastic experience as a school leaver.”

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